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North Carolina

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in a women's prison?  Are you curious but scared at the same time?  Well, wonder no more.

I am here to give you all the explicit details.   So, for a little financial support as the cliche says, "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." 

Put your pen to paper and let the fun begin. 

Warning:  Some scenes may be too graphic for immature audiences.

Rona Stone

Race: White Sexual Preference: Male
Date of Birth: 06/15/1967 Age: 44
Release Date: 05/17/2013 Marital Status Divorced
Height: 5' 4" Weight: 150 pounds
Hair Color Brown Eye Color: Blue
Religion: Baptist Children: 4
Education: College
Occupation/Career: Paramedic
Reason for incarceration: Trafficking
Willing to relocate? Yes

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Write to me at:
Rona Stone #0910317
Southern Correctional Institution
272 Glen Road
Troy, NC   27371-8321

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