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My name is Christene, but everyone calls me Cricket.  Just one of those names that stuck.  I am a happy-go-lucky type of person.  I'm fun, adventurous, spontaneous & good looking.  I have dirty blonde hair that curls past my shoulders, ALL NATURAL SPIRAL CURL!, sky blue eyes, 5'2", 142 pounds, not fat, not skinny, just right!!

My favorite pass times are reading, crossword puzzles, drawing, poetry, & feeling articles I've written for a few newspapers.   I enjoy crocheting, sewing, & about anything else that utilizes my creative spirit.  I am a resourceful, independent person, some call it stubborn or bull-headed.  I tend to do what I want done myself because, then I've no one to blame but myself it it's not done right.  I am one of those people that everyone comes to for ideas or information about what would be fun, exciting & unique to do & where to get it.  I guess I am a kind of compound "Yellow Pages" (Let your fingers do the walking.) 

I am looking for someone to inspire stimulating conversation & exciting adventures.  Maybe someone who would be willing to visit me here.  I am looking forward to finding an interesting person & begin a meaningful relationship.  PLEASE, write soon!

Christene Kemmerlin     Christene Kemmerlin

Race: White Sexual Preference: Straight (Men)
Date of Birth: 10/11/1968 Age: 39
Release Date: Maybe --- Marital Status Widow
Height: 5' 2" Weight: 142 pounds
Measurements: 36DD  -  34" pants
Hair Color Dirty blonde Eye Color: Sky blue
Religion: Episcopalian Children: 2 = 1 boy & 1 girl
Education: High school & vocational
Occupation/Career: PBT
Reason for incarceration: Murder for hire
Willing to relocate? Yep!

Posted: 10/20/2007  -  Expires: 04/20/2008  -  Ad Code:  F07-825

Write to me at:
Christene Kemmerlin
1034 Bragg Street
Raleigh, NC   27610-3846

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