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This is New Orleans' finest coming at you!  I'm looking for someone to correspond with me and hopefully help pass my time.

I'm just a young beauty with a long life ahead.  I enjoy the beauty of nature...writing poetry...listening to life...etc.

If any are interested I hope you'll take a chance and pick up the pen and set a notation in motion.

Until we meet...our worlds will remain a mystery!

P.S.  This pic is an old one...hit me up and I'll shoot an updated one your way as soon as I can.

Amanda Allemand

Race: Caucasian Sexual Preference: Male or female
Date of Birth: 09/25/1987 Age: 20
Projected Release Date: 07/25/2015 Marital Status Single
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 153 pounds
Measurements: 36-34-36
Hair Color Dark brown Eye Color: Hazel
Religion: Baptist Children: None
Education: High school
Reason for incarceration: No comment...Ask when you send notation
Willing to relocate? Yes

Posted: 02/04/2008  -  Expires: 05/04/2008  -  Ad Code:  F08-144

Write to me at:
Amanda Allemand #521120
L.C.I.W.    Gemini 2
P.O. Box 26
St. Gabriel, LA  70776-0026
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