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Updated 03/13/2008


Hi!  My name is Lillian Eunice.

Eyes - brown
Height - 5'7
Race - Hispanic/Puerto Rico
Color - white
Age - 35 years old
Weight - 145 lbs.

Please help me find people. Help me here in prison because I don't have family in California.  Nobody to write to me or take care of me...

Thank you very much!!!
Lillian Eunice

(Note: She would prefer to communicate in Spanish - her English is very slight.)

Lillian Garcia

Race: Hispanic/Puerto Rican Sexual Preference:
Date of Birth: Age: 35
Projected Release Date: Marital Status
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 145 pounds
Hair Color Eye Color: Brown
Children: Religion:
Reason for incarceration:
Willing to relocate? Home City & State:

Posted: 02/13/2008  -  Expires: 06/13/2008  -  Ad Code:  F08-197

Write to me at:
Lillian Garcia X-26836
V.S.P.W.   D3-16-2up
P.O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA  93610-0092
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