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I'm 28 years old and took a wrong turn in my life, ending up in prison.  I get November of "09".  I am hoping to meet someone honest and reliable. 

I've learned some hard lessons and have come to realize that I wasn't surrounding myself with positive people (friends or family).   I'd like to start fresh with a new perspective.

I just don't want to be alone when I do.

Sunny Williams

Race: Sexual Preference:
Date of Birth: Age: 28
Projected Release Date: 11/2009 Marital Status


Hair Color: Eye Color:
Children: Religion:
Reason for incarceration:
Willing to relocate? Home City & State:

Posted: 09/05/2008  -  Expires: 11/30/2009 -  Ad Code:  F08-1158

Write to me at:
Sunny Williams #524344
L.C.I.W.   P-1
P.O. Box 26
St. Gabriel, LA  70776-0026
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