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My name is Jonee', pronounced like Renee'.  My name is the French female version of Jon. 

I am looking for friendship, fun and maybe true love.  I am in prison in Washington state.  I'm on the down slope of a 10 year sentence for leading Organized Crime.

I am a fun, loving, caring person who could use some good friends in my life and this seemed exciting to me.

If you enjoy what you see, write me.

Jonee Rucker

Posted: 10/15/2008  -  Expires: 01/15/2009 -  Ad Code:  F08-1394

Write to me at:
Jonee Rucker 804785
Washington State Corrections Center for Women
9601 Bujacich Road N.W.
Gig Harbor, WA  98332-8300
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