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My name is Geraldine Denise Henderson.   I go by Denise.

I never imagined I would be looking on the Internet for friends, so bear with me, this is all new.

I'm a good person who made some bad which has now cost me my freedom...temporarily.

I'm searching for friends and pen pals to correspond with.   However I am very commitment minded if and when I meet the right man.   I like a man who can take care of his women inside and out. Physically, mentally, financially, emotionally. 

As any woman, I love to be spoiled and pampered.  I enjoy getting dressed up to run errands and pay bills, or just shopping.   But...I am most comfortable at the lake with a pair of cut-off shorts and a ponytail.  I love boating, swimming, camping, fishing, anything to do with the water.   I also love motorcycles and hot rods.

I'm 40 but can be a kid at heart.   I love old classic Rock-n-Rock and country music.  I enjoy quality time with family and friends as well as bonding with my 14 year old daughter.  I'm from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Can't wait to hear from you.  So until,

Valerie Turner

Race: White Sexual Preference:
Date of Birth: Age: 40
Projected Release Date: 11/13/2021 Marital Status


Hair Color: Eye Color:
Children: Religion:
Reason for incarceration: Aggravated robbery
Willing to relocate? Home City & State: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area

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Write to me at:
Geraldine Denise Henderson #1445136
Crain Unit
1401 State School Road
Gatesville, TX  76599-2999
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