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Hello, my name is Jodie but people call me Angel.   I stand 5'2", weigh 135 pounds, have blue eyes.  My hair is brown but I dye it blond.  I am a Libra.  I'm in prison for my first time.  I hope it will be the last, too.  I don't have kids.  I hope to someday.  I love to hang out with my friends and family.  I like to go camping, swimming, to the movies, dirt bikes, etc.

I'm looking for a friend that I can talk to in my time of need, maybe we could be more.  I would like to find someone not in jail or locked up.  Please, no inmates!  Thank you.

Sorry the pictures are in black and white but they're all I have right now.

Jodie Talk   Jodie Talk

Jodie Talk

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Write to me at:
Jodie Talk #X-28409
Leo Chesney Center
P.O. Box 66
Live Oak, CA  95953-0066
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