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Fun Lovin Gal Looking For A Nice Guy

Hey there!

My name is Lisa.  I'm 45 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, 135 pounds, and I'm 5' 6".  I'm in prison for making a wrong choice.  I'm actually a good-hearted person.  I'm easy-going (sometimes to a fault) and I love to have fun.  I like camping, horseback riding and trips to Tahoe.   I'm a single mom with 3 great kids.  2 are grown and my baby is just going into high school.  I'm counting the days (136) :-) to be with them again.

I'm looking for a nice guy whom I can get to know through letters and possibly when I go home.  Must have a good sense of humor and similar interests as me.

Please send picture with letter.  Thanks!


Lisa Allen

Posted: 01/02/2009  -  Expires: 05/03/2009  -  Ad Code:  F08-1742

Write to me at:
Lisa Allen #X-29067
Leo Chesney Center
P.O. Box 66
Live Oak, CA  95953-0066
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