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Seeking A Long Term Dedicated Relationship

My implication is clear that I am Denise.  I'm the diva of our dreams.  My complexion is a deep shade of a good vanilla shake that men recognize blocks away.  I stand at five five and weigh 165 pounds dripping wet.  I'm forty one years old, still young and beautiful, mixed with Cherokee Indian with tumultuous green eyes, small waist with a big jiggling ass.  I'm a bossy, sexy, independent head strong diva that can hold my own.  I'm originally from Houston, Texas.  Have been divorced for twelve years with (4) grown.  I'm a registered nurse.  I'm open-minded and I truly enjoy sharing all my inner thoughts, desires and fantasies.  I'm very sexual, extremely experimental and erotic.   Most men lust over my pierced clit but never taste my cherry flavor and I love a man that sex me to the point of tears and love when he keeps me centered.  Whenever I lose my focus he helps me bring things right back to where they should be. 

I'm unattached, very single, and looking for that special person!  Please don't be bashful, we n share a fun-loving friendship an a very dedicated long term relationship.  I'm a good writer, a good listener, and I'm willing to relocate for a prosperous future.  Please include stamps with your letters.

Can receive the following:
Stamps: Yes
Gifts: Yes
Stationery: Yes, but must come from the store
Money order: Yes, but must come from the store or Ace or Western Union
Clothing: Yes, sent home to relatives only
Visitor: Yes, but must be on my approved list
Photos: Yes, but no nude
Books: Yes, but must come from publisher or book store
Cigarettes:  No, don't smoke

I expect to be released on parole in April, 2010.

Denise Marie Smith     Denise Marie Smith

Race: Black mix Sexual Preference: Men
Date of Birth: 08/17/1968 Age: 41
Projected Release Date: 04/2010 Marital Status Divorced
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 165 pounds
Measurements: 38-24-36 Wish to correspond with: Both men and women
Hair Color Black Eye Color: Green
Children: 4 grown Religion: Baptist
Education: High school / college
Occupation/Career: Registered nurse and had my own personal care facility home business
Reason for incarceration: Drug charge that I did not commit - I was framed
Willing to relocate? Absolutely Home City & State:

Posted: 03/10/2008  -  Updated: 11/01/2009  -  Expires: 04/2010  -  Ad Code:  F08-301

Write to me at:
Denise M. Smith #1018531
Hobby Unit
742 FM 712
Marlin, TX   76661-4685
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