Submitted 03/17/2008
Revised 07/29/2013


Looking For Love...

or an intimate friendship.  A Gulf War veteran who loves to laugh, read, cook and being outdoors.  Likes to take long walks or just cuddling watching TV. 

Are you the ONE that can put the butterflies in my belly with just a letter?  If so, write to me.  A picture would be nice but not a must.

Cynthia Cochran

Race: Caucasian Sexual Preference: Men
Date of Birth: 06/10/1966 Age: 47
Projected Release Date: 08/23/2016 Marital Status Divorced
Height: 5' 1" Weight: 120 pounds
Measurements: 36DD-28-38
Hair Color Brown Eye Color: Brown
Children: None Religion: Baptist
Education: H.S. Grad
Occupation/Career: Gulf War Veteran (Army)
Reason for incarceration: 1 count second degree murder
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Independence, Virginia

Posted: 03/30/2008  -  Updated: 08/01/2013  -  Expires: 08/23/2016  -  Ad Code:  F08-421

Write to me at:
Cynthia Cochran #1003581
V.C.C.W.    Hall 1-1
P.O. Box 1
Goochland, VA 23063-0593
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