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I'm a mature woman of character - seeking friendship that, in time, could become something more meaningful.

I'm of a beautiful golden brown complexion that will tempt your tummy and tease your taste buds for a bite of this honey.  I stand 5'6, weigh 170, brown eyes you can lose yourself in, pearly white teeth that radiate a beautiful smile with an attitude and personality to match.   While I've assured you my outer beauty is eye catching, it is the inner beauty I possess I hope you will come to know.

My interests are wide range, from indoors to outdoor activities, I can enjoy most anything and I'm always open to the idea of trying new things.  I'm a bisexual female who can be both dominant and submissive.

My hobbies are reading, dancing, cooking, and traveling (will relocate).  I'm very much the romantic.  I enjoy long romantic walks, drives and settings.  I absolutely love hot bubble baths for two, getting lost in a beautiful sunset, snuggling on the couch next to a cozy fire.  I love to pamper and be pampered, spending quality time with my mate/friend.  I'm also family oriented and love children.  I'm adventurous.   I haave a passion for seeing and living life to it's fulest, yet I'm business minded and desire to further my education.

I'm seeking someone who isn't afraid to embrace me, support me, and love me inspite of my past mistakes.   Someone gentle in their being, who's mature enough to search the depths of his/her soul and expose the naked truth about themselves, likes/dislkies, what their passions are in life and in a woman, someone career and business oriented yet down to earth with a sense of humor.  Someone who will inspire my dreams, encourage my goals, and work toward becoming a major part of my future.  Must have a passion for great sex and romance.

If you think you're that special person or are just in need of a friend, I'm here.

Vanessia Williams

Posted:  05/26/2008  -  Expires: 09/22/2008  -  Ad Code:  F08-607

Write to me at:
Venessia Williams #1272270
Lane Murray Unit   K1A-97
1916 N. Hwy 36 Bypass
Gatesville, TX   76596-0003
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