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Hey fellas.  My name is Bridgette and I'm 40 years old.  Looking for a friend to maybe help pass my time with a letter or two.  Serving a 16 month term with half needing a correspondence with a friend on the outs.  Hoping to meet someone to become life long friends with on the outs.  I love to go camping, spend time with my kids, Harley rides and bowling. 

Feel free to pick up a pen and shoot a line or two on paper and I will be glad to write back.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Bridgette Montowine

Race:   Sexual Preference:  
Date of Birth:   Age: 40
Projected Release Date:   Marital Status  


Hair Color:   Eye Color:  
Children:   Religion:  
Reason for incarceration:  
Willing to relocate?   Home City & State:  

Posted: 06/26/2008  -  Expires: 09/30/2008 -  Ad Code:  F08-814

Write to me at:
Bridgette Montowine #X29612
Leo Chesney Center
P.O. Box 66
Live Oak, CA   95953-0066
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