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I am definitely one of a kind.  I love life in general.  I am a very strong woman when it comes to the things that life deals us.  I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason and everyone comes into our life for a reason.   I can't stand a liar & will not put up with one.  My most precious treasures are my children & family, and the Lord.  I love children, they are God's gifts to life.  I like a man who wants things out of life, wants to have fun and go & do, just as much as he likes to stay at home.  I will not lie.  I am used to the finer things in life and have always made sure I took care of myself to have these things.  I love to cook, eat and go out to eat.  I've made some mistakes - but I have definitely learned from them and will not make them again.  I have never been married - would love to be married one day if I could only find the right man.  The city girl in me just loves a clean cut business man, but the country girl in me loves a good ol' boy. 

So if you're a little of both, what more could I ask for?

I love to ride horses, Harleys and street bikes.  I love to snowboard.  I love vacationing and, I'm a snuggling & movies, stay at home kinda girl also.  I love family and have a very close strong family.  I love to shop.

So if you think you could like to be friends or more, if it grows to that, then please get in touch and we will see where it goes.

Please send a picture if you like!

Phoebe V. Davis   Phoebe V. Davis

Race: White/American Indian Sexual Preference: Male - have dated women
Date of Birth: 03/22/1974 Age: 34
Projected Release Date:   Marital Status  
Height: 5' 3" Weight: 140 pounds
Measurements: 36B-34-36/38 I wish to correspond with:  
Hair Color Brown Eye Color: Coreen/Hazel
Children: 2 girls - 2 boys Religion: Methodist
Education: High school graduate
Reason for incarceration: Financial fraud
Willing to relocate? Maybe Home City & State: North Carolina

Posted: 03/08/2009  -  Expires: 06/08/2009  -  Ad code: F09-252

Write to me at:
Phoebe V. Davis #0697726
NCCIW Raleigh
1034 Bragg St.
Raleigh, NC  27610-3846
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