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Hello, my name is "Elaine".   I am a 31 year old, 5'5, California native, sexy, hot natured scorpion.  I'm a fun, loving, outgoing "Nubian Goddess", seeking to write a mature, distinguished gentleman who can match my wit & spirits.  No race preference. 

So come on, what you waiting for?   Don't delay, write me today!!  I'll be waiting...

Elaine Wardlau

Posted: 03/28/2009  -   Expires: 06/28/2009  -  Ad code: F09-317

Write to me at:
Elaine Wardlau #X18548
V.S.P.W.    D2-23-3up
P.O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA  93610-0092
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