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Hi, my name is Leilani-Shanine Kitson, bisexual female.  I am 26 years of age, born 1-5-83, a straight Capricorn, Hawaiian, Jamaican, Cuban & Puerto Rican.  I am 5' 4, 220 lbs., but everything proportioned right, nothin' slumped over.  My hobbies are usually: poetry, music, sports, reading, singing, just enjoy'n life for what it is worth.  I am currently working on trying to obtain a business license for a business I started b-4 gett'n incarcerated. 

I'm com'n up for parole in a few years.   I enclosed a photo of myself and my son 2 years ago.  I have a but it hasn't b-n updated for a minute.  I'm from Oakland, California.

Look'n for a pen pal that is serious about writ'n b-cuz I will correspond right back.  Any other information you'll have to write and I'll answer.

Leilani Kitson-Rupley

Posted: 12/31/2008  -  Updated: 04/13/2009  -  Expires: 07/13/2009

Write to me at:
Leilani-Shanine Kitson-Rupley #X-30795
VSPW     D2-27-2 low
P.O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA  93610-0092
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