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My Passion Is Travel!!!

Are you a free spirited person?  Then you and I need to talk!  :-)

I'm looking to meet like minded travelers, business oriented people and non-judgmental wonders of the world.  I'm athletic, outgoing, open minded and a lover of the great outdoors!  I've been all over the US, Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras.  Lived in Orlando, Dallas, Scottsdale, Portland, New York and San Diego.  I have 18 months here in the great green state of Oregon, then I'm gone!   I've only been here for a few months.  As you see from my photo, I'm in good shape and will continue to be.  I have an Associates Degree in Small Business Management and am a licensed beautician.

I'm 5'5, 129 lbs., medium length multi-colored highlighted hair, hazel green eyes, wear glasses and have great curves. 

Look forward to hearing from you all!

Christine Foos    Christine Foos

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Write to me at:
Christine Foos #8949435
24499 Grahams Ferry Road
Wilsonville, OR  97070
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