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Hey, how are you doing?  As for me, just fine.  I'm writing this letter in the hopes that you'll write me back.  Right now I'm here where I'm at, but it's just for a little time longer.  I like it down here in the south but I'm not opposed to change.  I've lived as far north as West Virginia.  When I do get out I plan to do a lot of fishing, camping, and some beach time.  You can see what I look like now.  I've gotten a little older, I'm 46 now.  And I've lost some weight, I now weigh 132.  I stay pretty active here and outside.  I had just put on a few pounds when I first got here.  Also, so far when I do get released, I plan to stay in Florida, but as I said, I'm not opposed to change. 

Well, this is just a quick note.  Sorry to make it short. I have a cast on my writing hand from surgery and it's sort of hard to write.  Maybe when you write back I'll have it off and will write a longer letter.

Until next time, See Ya!  Write back soon.


Karen Stevens
Race: White Sexual Preference:  
Date of Birth: 11/04/1963 Age: 46
Projected Release Date: 11/04/2016 Marital Status  
Height: 5' 2" Weight: 132 pounds
Measurements:   I wish to correspond with:  
Hair Color Brown Eye Color: Brown
Children:   Religion:  
Reason for incarceration: Driving without license / Eluding L.E.O.
Willing to relocate?   Home City & State:  

Posted: 04/27/2010  -  Expires: 11/04/2016   -  Ad Code:  F10-093

Write to me at:
Karen Stevens #762279
Lowell Correctional Institution   G2-2103L
11120 N.W. Gainesville Road
Ocala, FL 344821479

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