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Hello - My Name Is Vanessa Parham

I am single, very interested in a pen pal that's possibly interested in me?  I'm young, energetic, funny, kind, loving & beautiful from the heart.  I've made a few wrong! choices in life! 

I am seeking someone who likes to write, smart, funny, likes country & jazz music?  At this current moment I'm looking for a young-man that loves life itself. 

I'm Asian & black.  I'm 40 years old.  I have a 25 year old son.

And if you are interested, write me here.  I'll be waiting.  :-)

Vanessa Parham
Race: Asian & black Sexual Preference:  
Date of Birth:   Age: 40
Projected Release Date:   Marital Status  
Height:   Weight:  
Measurements:   I wish to correspond with:  
Hair Color   Eye Color:  
Children: 1 Religion:  
Reason for incarceration:  
Willing to relocate?   Home City & State:

Posted: 04/30/2010  -  Expires:   -  Ad Code:  F10-143

Write to me at:
Vanessa Parham #X36298
P.L.C.  CC#14
32363 Hwy 79
Warner Springs, CA 92086-9647

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