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Asian Persuasion

Hello.  My name is Martha. I'm actually half Korean & half Mexican.  That's something like a burrito in one hand, eggroll in the other.  :-P  I'm in need of your honest, mature, respectful and intellectual correspondence.  Good sense of humor is not to be excluded as I feel laughter is the best medicine, especially in a place like this.

I am anxious to see what may transpire from a good piece of conversation.  In case you haven't heard, "Conversation rules the nation."  I'm from the new school, but prefer to keep it old school - as I got an old soul. 

OK, so obviously I've made some really poor choices in life.  I've hurt a lot of people, especially loved ones. Intentionally and sometimes not, I've lied, cheated and stole.  But by the same token, I've also tried to put out twice as much positive and good will to make up for all the negative wrongs I've done. I'd like to think God recognizes that, which is maybe why I've had some kind of protection around me through all the danger and chaos I've put myself into.  Some of my interests are good literature, I like history, philosophy and psychology.  I'm an artist of sorts.  I enjoy urban/street styles such as graffiti.  I'm definitely rockin a few tattoos.  But I dig many different styles & mediums pertaining to art.  One of my favorite images is that of Michaelangelo's First Painting.  Last but not least, I'm a true Virgo.  We're said to be the most misunderstood of all the signs. 

Thank you for reading.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Martha Cantu

Race: Asian/Hispanic Sexual Preference: Straight
Date of Birth: 09/18/1985 Age: 27
Projected Release Date: 01/06/2014 Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 6" Weight (pounds): 134
Measurements: 34C-26-30 I wish to correspond with: Men Only
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Children: Yes (one) Religion: Christian
Education: G.E.D.
Reason for incarceration: Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Wichita Falls, Texas

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Write to me at:
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