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I'm Valentine.  It's nice to meet you.  A little bit about myself.  I'm 47 yrs. young.  White.  My B-day is Nov. 28th.  I have two grown children.  I weigh 150 lbs., mostly in "the girls".  I'm a 44DD.  I'm 5'3" with long red hair.  I have sparkling blue eyes that tend to turn hazel green when I'm excitable.  I hail from Lexington, Kentucky.  Of course, I'm a huge basketball fan.  GO CATS!!  But I am willing to relocate, if need be.  I love sports.  I love being outdoors, gardening, fishing, hiking and camping.  I'm a down home southern girl.  I'm a romantic, so I enjoy quiet evenings at home also.  But still like hitting the club now and then for dancing.  I am intelligent, hard working and have a level head.  But can still get a little crazy too.  I love to write and friends say I'm good at penning feelings into words.  Hopefully I can share with you and we'll get to know one another more.  Can't wait to meet you.  Write soon.

Deborah Modica

Race: White Sexual Preference:
Date of Birth: 11/28/1965 Age: 47
Projected Release Date: Marital Status:
Height: 5' 3" Weight (pounds): 150
Measurements: 44DD I wish to correspond with:
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Children: 2 grown Religion:
Reason for incarceration:
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Lexington, Kentucky

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