Western Kentucky

Sexy Latina Searching For Love!

I am a sexy Chicana (Mexican/American).  I am 5', I weigh 125 lbs., I am toned and muscular to a sexy feminine degree.  I love to sing and am VERY serious about making a career of it one day.  I love to dance.  I guess you could say I'm the life of the party!  I am a drinker, non-smoker.  Smokers don't offend me, though.

I guess you could say I have a care free spirit.  I love to have fun.  I am a dreamer as well.  I dream of the average, everyday, happy life.  I want to be a loving wife to an adoring husband, and one day give him children.  I am very independent, though I LOVE to work and make a living of my own.  I love doing things I can be proud of.

I want a man that can look past my location and see the woman that is shining through.  The woman who just longs to find a good man to make happy and vice-versa.  I want to wake up each day knowing someone out there loves me and sees past all of my past...that doesn't allow my past mistakes to overshadow the future we can build w/one another.

Once I am released I am MOST DEFINITELY willing to relocate.  I'd love to leave this and NEVER turn back!  I am willing to start fresh someplace new!

So...are you willing to reach out and give me a try?  I can promise you one thing...You'd NEVER regret it.

Sincerely, a Latina searching for love!

Ca'Linda Kieffer

Ca'Linda Kieffer  Ca'Linda Kieffer

Ca'Linda Kieffer

Ca'Linda Kieffer

Ca'Linda Kieffer

Race: Hispanic Sexual Preference: Male
Date of Birth: 01/18/1980 Age at this update: 31
Projected Release Date: 01/2017 Marital Status Divorced
Height: 5' Weight: 125 pounds
Measurements: 34C-28-32 I wish to correspond with: Both men and women
Hair Color Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Children: Religion Christian
Education: High school & college
Occupation/Career: Literature & Arts Major / College Prep tutor
Reason for incarceration: Robbery & Burglary 1st
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Chicago, Illinois

Posted: 02/17/2011  -  Expires: 01/2017  -  Ad Code:  FF11-059

Write to me at:
Ca'Linda Kieffer #189125
374 New Bethel Church Road
Fredonia, KY 42411-9416
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