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Info: (formerly Cowtowninfo) hosts web pages for ladies in prison. These female prisoners are looking for many things, including love, marriage, pen pals, and a good solid relationship with men and women in the free world. Cowtowninfo has been bringing men and women together by providing them with an opportunity to restructure their lives since Labor Day Weekend of 1989, originally as a dial-up BBS called Gabby's Lounge BBS. These ladies do not have access to the Internet, their only means of contact with the outside world is by the good ol' United States Mail system. Jailhouse-Babes provides the mailing addresses of our advertisers to you, the viewer, at no charge.

When you read these ads, please consider the following:

1)  These ads are written by unique individuals expressing their desires.  They may or may not be complete fabrications of wishful thinking.

2)  These ads are generally posted as-is, without editing nor censorship of any kind.  The editor does, however, retain the right to modify the content as he sees fit.

This site exists solely for informational purposes.  These are not intended to be endorsements of any kind.  This site has no financial or any other involvement of any kind with any of the people listed.


Please use caution when using any interpersonal services on the internet.

The inmates whose advertisements you read or reply to on this web site are the publishers of the information contained in their ads. is not the publisher of such information but merely provides the forum in which prisoners may place a pen pal advertisement onto the Internet. has NOT investigated the truth nor accuracy of any statement made by any inmate seeking pen pals.

You can find more information about the inmate, including their crime, by calling their prison directly and/or using an Internet search engine (MSN, Dogpile, Google, Yahoo!, etc.).  When using an Internet search engine try putting the word PRISONER either before or after the inmate"s name.   There are many links to county jails as well as state and federal prisons and you are encouraged to look up as much information about these inmates as possible, especially if you consider sending them anything of value.  It is not recommended that you send money or offer support of any kind to your pen pals unless you can afford to do so without expectations of any return. accepts no responsibility for any statement made by any pen pal advertiser.  In responding to a pen pal ad YOU AGREE to hold and its owners, employees and agents harmless from all costs, liabilities, damages and attorney's fees caused, directly or indirectly, by any reply to such advertisements or by any contact with any inmate or former inmate you may meet through this service.  In no event will be responsible for any incidental, consequential, exemplary, or other damages arising from or relating to your use of this service.

You may search by name, city, state, or anything that comes to mind that might help you find a particular person.  Looking for a blonde in Virginia?  Try it!
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