Note:  Before writing, look at the date these ads were posted, then check the inmate locator for the state of incarceration.  See http://www.inmatesplus.com/ for starters, or Federal Bureau of Prisons at http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp




My name is Jessica Rodriguez.  I'm a 30 year old Hispanic female.  I weigh 176 pounds and stand at 5' 6".  I have a light-medium complexion depending on the season.  I also have dark brown hair and dark brown almond shaped eyes.  My hair is about half way down my back, long and curly.  Not kinky curly, but full of body.  I have a great smile and I believe my legs, face and hair are my best features.

I'm looking for a white/black/Mexican male over the age of 30 - that would like to correspond through the mail with me and see where it leads.   If you're interested, write me.

More about me...I'm also a classic rock fan; favorite bands are Foreigner, Journey, REO Speedwagon.  I also love to dance.  I have a very strong interest for female...well, there's a lot more I have to talk about, so like I said, get back with me.

Write to me at:
Jessica E. Rodriguez 1493789
Gatesville Trusty Camp
1401 State School Road
Gatesville, TX  76599-2999

Updated 08/22/2009


I'm 5'2", 132 lbs, light auburn hair (natural) sexy gray/green eyes - 34A-26-36.  I love the outdoors, music and art.  I'm open minded, charismatic and laid back.  No stress & no issues.  Born in February 1967, a true Aquarius and I love any kind of animals.

Peace, love & happiness!  :-P

Write to me at:
Tammy Crawford #1474684
Hobby Unit
742 FM 712
Marlin, TX   76661-4685



I don't really know if I'm to write anything about myself, but I feel I should introduce myself somewhat. 

My name is Angelique.  I'm 38 years old.   Blonde hair, green eyes.  I'm not vain, but I think I'm good looking.  I believe I pass the mustard.  My sign is Cancer.  I love sports, I love to play pool, I love to dance!  I love to make people feel good about themselves.   I feel I'm a good person!  I've done things I'm not proud of, but I know that I'm changing my life daily for the better.  I'm a Certified Flagger now.  So I've got goals and a better future in store for myself. 

So if whoever you are and you feel you might be interested in the things I have to offer, please feel free to write me.  I'm eagerly waiting for the perfect person!  What are you waiting for (come be my other half.   I need to be whole.)

P.S.  I would love for somebody to have love for God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit to enter my life and help me deal with daily struggles.

Write to me at:
Angelique Knowles #746240
W.C.C.W.  K-unit
9601 Bujacich Road N.W.
Gig Harbor, WA  98332-8300



Single black female, 49 years of age, 5' 6" tall, medium brown skin, brown eyes and hair.  Ready and willing to relocate.   Marriage if the right one comes along.  Race is not an issue.

Write to me at:
Doris Cooks
8128 Calmont #2209
Ft. Worth, TX  76116




My name is Linda, but my friends call me "Sassy".  I'm presently incarcerated at L.C.I.W. for the past 19 years.   I'm 6 years short and I'm hoping to make this pardon board in 2009.

"THE WORLD IS A PLAYGROUND" and I have been looking for someone to play with me.  Not play ME!  Not to play on me, not to play on.  But someone to play with me.  A team mate, a soul mate.   Someone who will play and have the will to win.  I NEED someone with a good understanding, or at least having an understanding.  Someone who is really able to go the distance, NO MATTER WHERE our search leads us, or may end.  That soul-mate will forever be someone special to me.

I want to share ideas with someone.  I really take life seriously.  I have honest thoughts, thoughts of being successful one day.  I have plans and goals that I will achieve, all I have to do is just do it.

     Win, lose or draw,
Take it or leave it,
          That's all I have.

Write me!  I may be the woman that you have been looking for your whole life.

Race: Black Sexual Preference: Straight
Date of Birth: 02/14/1964 Age: 43
Projected Release Date: 2014 Marital Status None
Height: 5' 4" Weight: 130 pounds
Measurements: 38-32-38
Hair Color Black now Eye Color: Black
Children: Religion Christian
Education: 12
Reason for incarceration: Attempted armed robbery
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State:
Write to me at:
Linda Jackson #116349
L.C.I.W.     G-2
P.O. Box 26
St. Gabriel, LA  70776-0026



Foxy Fresh

Looking for a pen pal?  Then I'm your gal.  A New Orleans lady, spontaneous, I can go from the ballet to Bourbon Street and have a good time.  Enjoying outdoor activities such as taking in the scenery on a long walk with that special someone.  Inside I can be "Suzie Homemaker" on the freak you've longed for.

Anxiously waiting to hear from you.  Maybe both our dreams will come true!

Race: Black Sexual Preference: Male
Date of Birth: 06/14/1978 Age: 30
Projected Release Date: 01/27/2018 Marital Status Single
Height: 5' 1" Weight: 186 pounds
Measurements: 46-42-44
Hair Color Black Eye Color: Brown
Children: No Religion Baptist
Education: G.E.D.
Occupation/Career: Homemaker
Reason for incarceration: Distribution
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: New Orleans, Louisiana
Write to me at:
Keyointa Martin #379581
Richland Parish Detention Center, B-dorm
474 Hwy 15
Rayville, LA  71269



Hello, my name is Robbie Peoples, residing currently @ Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas.

I'm 32 years old, Caucasian, blonde - shoulder length hair, hazel-green eyes.  5'1" in height, 150 lbs., Gemini.  I'm fun, outgoing, single, looking for pen pal, possible relationship with a male or female.   I swing.  :-)

I have a 7 year sentence with 2 years completed on it and looking @ possible release soon on parole - however, if I have to max my time, then my maximum date is 4/2013.

I'm 40-28-36.  I like all outdoors, fishing especially.  I love to listen to music, go out, dance.  I was a stripper @ one time.  :-) 

I'm looking for someone between the ages of 35 - 50.   I'm into long term relationships/friendship, not short.

Well, please respond to my letter whenever you can.   Until then, take care.

Write to me at:
Robbie Peoples #1465586
Mountain View Unit
2305 Ransom Road
Gatesville, TX  76528



I'm Chocolate

Fun loving, sexy lady looking for romantic fun loving man. 

I'm open minded and would enjoy getting to know a man with good conversation to share our past and future life experience.

Race: Black Sexual Preference: Men
Date of Birth: 03/01/1964 Age: 44
Projected Release Date: Don't know Marital Status Single
Height: 5' 2" Weight: 135 pounds
Measurements: 36-
Hair Color Black Eye Color: Black
Children: 5 grown Religion Baptist
Education: 9th grade
Occupation/Career: Nurse's Aide
Reason for incarceration: Robbery
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State:
Write to me at:
Doreen E. Ford #1465886
Hobby Unit
742 FM 712
Marlin, TX   76661-4685



My name is Etoy Richardson.  I am 39 years old, single, and a Cancer (smile)  You know what they say about us, we are lovers, not fighters, and freaks by nature.  My measurements are 36D in the breast, 24 in the waist, and 36 in the ass.   I also stand 5' 0" even, so yes, I'm short and thick in all the right places.  

If there is anyone who would love to correspond with a sista, get back at me.

Write to me at:
Etoy E. Richardson #X03655
V.S.P.W.    D3-2-1up
P.O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA  93610-0092



My name is Christy Berumen.  I'm a light skinned Hispanic female with honey brown eyes, light brown hair that's curly and reaches to the middle of my back.   I stand 5' 3", and my measurements are 40DD in the breasts, 36" in the waist and I have a nice big round ass.

I know there is a single man out there who just loves a girl with meat on her bones.  (smile)

So if you are interested, please write and let me know what's up.

Write to me at:
Christy Berumen #X28107
P.O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA  93610-0092



Hi, my name is Belinda Washoe.  I'm a divorced 35 year old lady.   I'm Sagittarius.  I live in Monterey, California.

Write to me at:
Belinda Washoe #X28176
V.S.P.W.  D3-224L
P.O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA  93610-0092

Updated 12/12/2016


Hi, my name is Nancy Mendoza.  I'm serving time here in California C.I.W. state prison.   I'm looking for some pen pals to help me do this time.

Write to me at:
Nancy Mendoza #W57844
P.O. Box 8100
Corona, CA   92878-8100



Honey Brown Queen

Interested only in Real Down to Earth Man, with sense of humor, fun, caring, goals & respect for himself and others that are special in his life.  I am looking for a man who is seeking a true friendship between woman and man.  As time continues, destiny will follow on a relationship beyond heart's desires. 

I am a young, mature heart warming woman who knows what she wants out of life.   Dreams and goals.  along with life, I would love to have a special, sincere man as a good friend.  I am easy going, down to earth, full of passion and compassion.  I am a woman who stands by the special man's side, always encouraging.   Communication is the key to all friendships and relationships.  I am fun, caring, loving, and I like to keep smiles on those special faces in my life.

I am sophisticated, also educated.  I am working toward a career change by acquiring my Master's Degree in Human Services.

I enjoy giving massages.  I believe in pleasing my special "one male" in every possible way his heart desires.  I enjoy flowers, cards, teddy bears, candle light dinners, vacation, cooking gourmet meals, beaches, bubble baths, reading urban books, basketball and other sports, singing, dancing, R&B, jazz, gospel, reggae music, movies, comedy, I enjoy dressing attractive.  Also I like body oils, creams & sweet scents & flavors of perfumes.  I like to shop at Victoria Secrets in the mall. 

I will like to thank the special man who chose to reply on getting to know a new friendship.  I am sure no one knows what life's future holds on relationships, so I'm hoping to find sincere friendship.

Until I hear from you, stay blessed.

Race: African American Sexual Preference: Men, all races - size - height
Date of Birth: 08/16/1972 Age: 36
Projected Release Date: N/A Marital Status Single
Height: 5' 4" Weight: 130 pounds
Measurements: 38-30-36
Hair Color Black Eye Color: Hazel
Children: 3 "joys of my life" Religion Pentecostal
Education: Certified Medical Assistant/Caregiver, college 2 years
Occupation/Career: Medical assistant/caregiver
Reason for incarceration: N/A
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Pacific, Washington
Write to me at:
Shanice, Kabbelliyaa #313309
W.C.C.W.    Seg-A-226
9601 Bujacich Road Northwest
Gig Harbor, WA  98332-8300



Black Sexy HOT Female

I'm a very beautiful semi-dominate black female.  But very sexually submissive when need be.  I'm open minded, 44 years, no kids, easy going, fun, loveable, witty, very compassionate & romantic.  I like meeting people.  I love almost all sports, especially sexercise ;-)   I love quiet times with my significant other.

I'm seeking a long term relationship with a man I can share all my hopes and dreams.  Even my wildest, kinkiest fetishes.  :-)  I will consider relocating.  Race or age is NO factor.  Honesty is a must.  I will send photo upon response to my letter.  I will answer promptly as I can. 

So are you that special man?  I'm waiting for only you.

ERD: 02/11/2022

Write to me at:
Kathy Smith #727219
Plane State Jail
904 FM 686
Dayton, TX   77535-2299



Hi, my name is Yvette Ramirez.  I'm 29 years old for Del Rio, Texas - Val Verd County.  I'm 5' 5, Hispanic, my D.O.B. 5-11-79.

I would only like male pen pals please.  I'm looking for someone up to the age 50 years.  W/B/S

Write to me at:
Yvette Ramirez #1490041
Woodman State Jail
1210 Coryell City Road
Gatesville, TX  76528-2913



Hi!  My name is Roxanne Rivas!  I'm 21 y/o, soon, to be 22 in July 24!  I'm 5'4, 165 lbs.  I'm Hispanic with brown eyes, brown hair!  And I'm an inmate seeking a pen pal in Live Oak, California.

Well, I'm writing this to see if I can get a response to help pass my time here at "Leo Chesney Center" 

Well, thank you for your time!  Until next time!

Write to me at:
Roxanne Rivas #X29311
Leo Chesney       A19up
P.O. Box 66
Live Oak, CA  95953-0066



I am currently an inmate in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system.   I am 41 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, white (Caucasian), in need of a pen pal.   I am looking for a male between the ages of 38 - 50.

   Nancy Gonzales

Write to me at:
Nancy Gonzales #1492155
Woodman State Jail
1210 Coryell City Road
Gatesville, TX  76528-2913


West Virginia

Native Woman

I am a 26 year old that loves to have fun.   I enjoy everything from hunting and fishing to dancing and clubbing.  I am full term release and am completely starting over. 

I have four beautiful daughters, only one of which I have custody due to my imprisonment.  Needing someone I can connect with, not only intellectually but physically as well.

Write if interested.  Not much time left.

Race: Native American Sexual Preference: Both
Date of Birth: 05/28/1982 Age: 26
Projected Release Date: 07/30/2008 Marital Status Separated
Height: 5' 3" Weight: 107 pounds
Measurements: 32DD-23-32
Hair Color Black Eye Color: Brown
Children: 4 daughters Religion Non-denominational
Education: Diploma & Certified Cook
Occupation/Career: Cook/Chef
Reason for incarceration: Conspiracy to distribute marijuana
Willing to relocate? Maybe Home City & State: Michigan City, Indiana
Write to me at:
Melissa T. Clark-Pierson #11330-040
SFF - Hazelton
P.O. Box 3000
Bruceton Mills, WV  26525-3000

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